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13th Year Winners of the Innovations in Alzheimer’s Caregiving Award

February 26, 2021

Three Organizations Receive $20,000 Each

SAN FRANCISCO, February 25, 2021 — In celebration of the 13th year of the Innovations in Alzheimer’s Caregiving Award, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation, the Bader Philanthropies, Inc., and Family Caregiver Alliance are pleased to announce three winning organizations—each delivering a state-of-the-art program that addresses the needs of caregivers and those they care for with Alzheimer’s disease or a related condition.

Each model program will receive $20,000 for their work in the following categories:

Creative Expression

  • Caregiver/Storyteller podcast  

Launched in March of 2018, Caregiver/Storyteller is a unique storytelling podcast that provides a platform for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers to share personal stories and experiences. The Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving focused podcast goals are to provide support to caregivers, empower caregivers, and reduce the stigma associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia diagnoses.

Diverse/Multicultural Communities

  • Culturally Responsive Caregiver Support and Dementia Services

Established in 2014 in response to the need for culturally relevant Alzheimer’s and dementia support for African American community members, the program has now expanded to serve the unique needs of East African (Somali, Ethiopian) and Hmong caregivers, care receivers, and their families. Culturally Responsive Caregiver Support and Dementia Service focuses on building trust and engagement within the community. Their goal is to improve caregivers’ ability to provide care, cope with stress related to caregiving, and localize services within the community.

Public Policy

  • California Task force on Family Caregiving: Picking up the Pace of Change in California

The California Task Force on Family Caregiving was created by the California Legislature in September 2015 through assembly Concurrent Resolution (ARC)38 to examine the challenges faced by family caregivers and primarily caregivers of those living with dementia. Funded by the Archstone Foundation and AARP, the University of Southern California’s Family Caregiver Support Center convened a diverse, multicultural team of professionals and lay caregivers to conceive of, research, and propose a set of policies with the following fundamental values: supporting diverse needs, including cultural awareness, cultural competency and sensitivity, person and family-centered care, work-life balance, choice, and options for caregivers (e.g., capacity to be a caregiver) and support paid caregivers.

View detailed information on the winning programs.

In light of COVID-19, representatives of the winning organizations will celebrate receipt of their award via an online event to be held in early April 2021. A webinar highlighting program innovation by these programs and others will be offered this spring.

The mission of The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation is to invest in programs that promote education, tolerance, social services, healthcare, and the arts. The Foundation builds on the ideals and pursuits of its founders, Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert. In addition, the Foundation funds Arts Education and Culture in Los Angeles, Jewish programs in Los Angeles, and universities in California. In the area of Alzheimer’s disease, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation focuses its grant-making on the advancement of research by junior investigators in the United States and Israel and investments in Alzheimer’s disease caregiving.

Milwaukee-based Bader Philanthropies, Inc. is a philanthropic leader in improving the quality of life of the diverse communities in which it works. The organization funds innovative projects and programs, convenes partners, and shares knowledge to affect emerging issues in key areas. Since its founding in 1992 as the Helen Bader Foundation, the organization has committed more than $375 million in grants and program related investments, such as loans, loan guarantees, credit enhancements and equity investments that advance its charitable mission. For more information on Bader Philanthropies, visit bader.org

The mission of FCA is to improve the quality of life for family caregivers and the people who receive their care. For more than 40 years, FCA has provided services to family caregivers of adults with physical and cognitive impairments, such as Parkinson’s, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Our services include assessment, care planning, direct care skills, wellness programs, respite services, and legal/financial consultation vouchers. Ongoing support is available with FCA CareNav, also now on a digital service platform. FCA is a longtime advocate for caregivers in the areas of policy, health and social system development, research, and public awareness, on the state, national and international levels.

Contact: Albert Martinez, (415) 434-3388, ext. 315 / media@caregiver.org

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