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2023 State by State Caregiver Data Now Available on Caregiver.org

September 11, 2023

Family Caregiver Alliance is pleased to announce a 2023 update to our 50 State Caregiving Profiles. These profiles provide insight into data points like the cost of care in each state, as well as the presence or absence of caregiver friendly policies. This data is commonly cited by news media and researchers when describing family caregivers.

The profiles include the average cost of different care options such as adult day centers, nursing homes, or home health aides. For example, did you know that the state with the highest average pay rate for home health aides is Minnesota at $36.25/hour?

From a financial perspective, you may want to know what state has the highest percentage of people 65 and older living below poverty (Louisiana), or the lowest (Wyoming).

Perhaps you are considering a move to another state because of your current or projected cost of living. But do know if your new potential home has caregiver and aging friendly policies such as:

  • Paid family leave
  • Paid sick leave
  • Unemployment insurance for family caregivers
  • The Caregiver Advice, Record, Enable (CARE) Act
  • A State Muli-Sector Plan for Aging

These policies are listed in each of the state profiles with a yes, no, and in some cases, additional details like the number of weeks of paid family leave, or number of medical tasks you can legally delegate to a home health aide. You can also check out how racially and ethnically diverse the older adult population is in each state, or what percentage of households have internet.

Learn all this and more at https://www.caregiver.org/research-policy/state-caregiving-profiles/