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30 Days of Caregiving: Illuminating the Backbone of Our Long-Term Care System

Family Caregiver Alliance is grateful for the guest bloggers who wrote for the 30 Days of Caregiving. We appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge, resources, perspectives, and personal experiences with family caregiving. We put all of the titles and organizations into wordle– a website that takes your text and makes it into word art (scroll down to see). We are also putting a few more images on our facebook page. Enjoy!

Day 1: 30 Days of Caregiving
Day 2: Is there anything good about caregiving?
Day 3: Sex and Dementia
Day 4: The Fun Stories of Caregiving
Day 5: Wait Lists in Medicaid
Day 6: Caregiving from Afar
Day 7: Caregiver College
Day 8: Holiday Time, Siblings, and Parent Care
Day 9: Helping Those Who Help Others
Day 10: The Immense Value of the Caregiver Support Group
Day 11: 2011 Marked Milestones in VA’s Recognition of Caregivers
Day 12: Caregiving in the LGBTQ+ Community
Day 13: The Best Decision I made as a Caregiver
Day 14: Participant Direction is Growing
Day 15: Family Caregivers Go on Strike, Stealing Attention Away From NBA Strike
Day 16: Next Step in Care: A Web-based Caregiver Manual for Navigating Transitions
Day 17: Assessing the Needs of Family Caregivers: An Outlook from Capitol Hill
Day 18: Preventing Abuse and Neglect
Day 19: The Imperative for Caregivers to Speak Out and Help Shape Policy
Day 20: Who’s the Boss? Providing Person-centered Care and Caring
Day 21: A Perspective on Caregiving from the Foundation Level
Day 22: The Aging Services Network: Ready to Assist Family Caregivers
Day 23: Life After Caregiving – Ireland’s Experience
Day 24: (Thanksgiving)
Day 25: Respite: An Important Part of the Caregiving Journey
Day 26: Angels in the Workplace
Day 27: Caregivers: We Need to Work Together for Change
Day 28: Asking for Help
Day 29: Protecting Caregivers through Social Security
Day 30: Family Caregivers Share Their Wisdom
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  Note: If you click on the picture, it will launch a larger image in a separate window. You can also right click on the picture if you would like to save a copy