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5 Tips to Understanding Dementia Behaviors: Infographic

July 21, 2022

If you provide care to someone with dementia, and you’d like tips about how to stay calm and respond productively to challenging behaviors, Family Caregiver Alliance has a quick and easy resource just for you.

Our new infographic “5 Tips to Help You Understand Dementia Behaviors” shares our most popular strategies for dealing with behavior and communication difficulties often encountered when caring for someone with dementia. Tips include:

  • Identifying triggers for challenging behavior
  • Recognizing the purpose of behavior
  • Why we need to remain curious, flexible, and not take things personally
  • And more.

5 Tips to Help You Understand Dementia Behaviors” is based on our popular fact sheet on the topic. It’s perfect for printing out and hanging on the fridge, sharing online, or sending to fellow caregivers who might need a boost!

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“5 Tips to Help You Understand Dementia Behaviors” is the first in our series of ten, all-new infographics, each featuring five bite-sized tips and helpful ideas on a variety of subjects related to supporting family caregivers and working successfully with people with dementia.

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Infographic about dementia behaviors