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A Caregiver’s Carol

December 20, 2011

By Sean Coffey, Policy Specialist, Family Caregiver Alliance

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house, not a caregiver was stirring, not even a mouse.
The loved ones were all tucked in and asleep,
Without any grumblings-not even a peep!

The laundry was folded and clean,
Even the house had a warm Christmas sheen.
The 12 prescriptions had all been filled,
And the insurance company would send a large bill.

As the caregiver sat and relaxed for a minute,
She gathered her thoughts about how she had ‘got in it.’
Was it the phone call from Iowa last May,
Or was it in June when her father passed away?

Her brother was nice, he sometimes called,
Though when she asked him for help he’d often stone-walled,
And, yes, her sister had sent a list of suggestions,
Of 25 books filled with caregiving lessons.

The experts all said it was something you had to experience first hand,
But caring for her mom was something nobody would quite understand.
Her mother’s hip was broken, and her appetite was shrinking,
Ensures were all she was eating or drinking.

The lack of sleep she thought she could do,
But the 10 caregiving roles were all so brand new.
On chauffeur, on care coordinator, on nurse, now listen,
The number of jobs will make your forehead glisten!

So if you know a caregiver nearby,
It’s time to play St. Nick, and give them a drop-by.
Save the advice, but bring your ears wide open,
And you’ll hear the story of a person whose learnin’ about copin’