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Drumming Up Local Dollars for Senior Services

Family Caregiver Alliance In spite of budget cuts and gridlock in Washington, many states, counties and local communities are finding ways to raise revenue to support services for older and disabled adults. One example: In California’s Santa Clara County (the home of Silicon Valley), Measure A passed in November of last year, which raised the local sales tax by 1/8 of a cent over a 10-year period to provide revenues designated for the county hospital, public health and welfare programs. In Family Caregiver Alliance’s August 20th issue of Caregiving Policy Digest (free to subscribe to), our lead article focuses on local government efforts to lower the percentage approval required for passage of local special taxes in California from 66% to 55%. Currently there are six bills moving through the California Legislature that, if successful, will amend the California Constitution allowing for the return to enactment by simple majority required before Proposition 13 (property tax limitation) passed in 1978. In addition, you will find a report from Miami University on national survey findings detailing special funding measures passed across the states, and highlighting Ohio for raising more money annually for senior services than any other state. In addition we have included a report from Miami University on national survey findings on special funding measures passed across the states. It is worth noting this trend in funding services and for those advocates for family caregivers to be at the table when these efforts take shape in local communities and priorities are set for use of additional revenues.