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FCA Applauds the SCOTUS Ruling Regarding DOMA

    Family Caregiver Alliance  – Kathleen Kelly, Executive Director

    Family Caregiver Alliance applauds the U.S. Supreme Court decision that ruled a key provision of the DOMA unconstitutional.  FCA has always supported families of choice and celebrates today both the recognition of same-sex marriages and the extension of federal benefits to those families.

    Now same-sex couples have equal access to social security, Medicare and other federal benefits that can provide a base of security for family caregivers. Recognized, legal marriages clarify particular challenges faced by same-sex couples around hospital visitation rights, estate planning and other health treatment and end-of-life issues.

    In the end, it is about equality of relationships, of families, of all people.  And that is something that improves the life of all caregiving—and care exchanging—families.