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‘Let’s Get Away, Together’ Zoom Travel Series Offers Community, Adventure, and Fun.

July 3, 2023

Are you looking for a fun, at-home activity to enjoy with your care recipient—or a bit of levity for yourself? There’s still time to sign up for our popular online Zoom travel series, “Let’s Get Away, Together,” offered in partnership with therapeutic activity specialists, The Hummingbird Project.

Eight new sessions begin Tuesday, July 11, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Participation is free. Everyone’s invited: caregivers, care recipients, family, and friends. View our schedule and register now to be a part of the next online adventure!

Each session takes the group on a virtual journey

“Let’s Get Away, Together” began as a therapeutic, online travel series designed to combat isolation, offer lifelong learning, guide meaningful conversations and support community. Moderators with expertise in aging, memory loss and the arts bring participants on virtual journeys to destinations like Golden Gate Park, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and beyond.

Over time, the series has evolved to expand participants’ horizons in art, music, wellness, and more—with recent sessions exploring cultivating joy, the Beatles, and even magical creatures.

“In everything we do, we create a journey,” said Hummingbird Project Manager Meredith Eden. “And, because we have so much experience in aging and memory loss, we know how to make the series an interactive, meaningful experience.”

A welcoming, accessible space

Every effort is made to include everyone who wants to join in. Whether access issues are cognitive, physical or technical, moderators help out, so everyone feels included in a way that works for them. Participants are encouraged to have their cameras on, but if that makes them uncomfortable, they’re invited to jump in on the lively chat or just listen in.

“There are so many ways to engage in this shared space and it’s a very non-judgmental environment,” Meredith said. “We allow people to come as they are, be who they want to be and feel safe with facilitators who will make the experience fun and joyful.”

Offering community for the lonely and isolated

Meredith believes it’s more important now than ever to engage caregivers and care recipients in activities like “Let’s Get Away, Together.” “During COVID, there was a lot of focus on isolation for older adults,” she said. “People were scouring the internet for things to do with mom. Now, things are back to ‘normal,’ but nothing has changed for our clients. Older and homebound adults are still combating isolation.”

“Let’s Get Away, Together” experiences can make a world of difference for people who feel lonely or isolated. Even the most withdrawn members have been known to crack a smile and laugh. It’s not uncommon for participants to break out in song, dance, move along as they’re able, and contribute to the discussion.

A restorative hour for caregivers, family, and friends

Caregiving is hard work. It can be challenging to make time for yourself or do things that bring you joy. “Let’s Get Away, Together” is a fun, light-hearted experience to enjoy with your care recipient—or a chance to unwind and let someone else be in charge for a while, with people who know exactly what you’re going through.

“Asking for a break is hard,” said Meredith, “so if you have a ‘meeting,’ that can give you an excuse to get you away for some restorative time.” “Let’s Get Away, Together” offers caregivers, family members and friends a chance to “get away” for themselves, to connect with others, learn something new or just have a laugh.

It’s what this caregiver enjoyed about her experience, which she shared in the session chat: “This is great! As a caregiver, I need levity and fun in my life!”

Register for ‘Let’s Get Away, Together’ today

To learn more about the series and destinations we’ll explore in this summer, check out our series schedule. And, if you’re interested in joining the online adventure community, register today!

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The Hummingbird Project pairs clients with therapeutic activity specialists trained in helping older adults re-engage in old passions and explore new interests. Activity plans are highly individualized and available across the nation. For more information, email or visit The Hummingbird Project online.

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