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One Year of Best Programs for Caregiving

February 18, 2021

One year ago, Best Programs for Caregiving (BPC) was launched to address a significant problem in the caregiving field:  Successful, evidence-based dementia caregiving programs were not reaching the caregivers who needed them.

A group of experts in the field came together around this frustratingly common issue. They had seen – time and again – new and established dementia caregiving programs delivering results and tangibly improving caregivers’ lives. The programs had research to back them up; they were successful at the institutions or organizations where they were developed – but they weren’t gaining traction or spreading beyond their local community.

Best Programs for Caregiving is born

So this team of experts – from the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, Family Caregiver Alliance, and The Gerontological Society of America – decided to do something to address the lack of awareness and accessibility of proven programs.  

After three years of development, Best Programs for Caregiving was launched in early 2019 as a comprehensive, easy-to-use, online database. It serves as a single source of detailed information on 44 proven, vetted dementia caregiving programs across the U.S. For the first time, health and service providers have a free, searchable resource to identify, compare and adopt best-fit programs for their clients, patients and communities.

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First of its kind

Best Programs for Caregiving provides a 360° view of programs, including program focus, delivery methods, research findings, implementation history, training materials and program developer contact information. For organizations or providers that are looking to implement, fund or spread proven programs, the database provides all the information and materials in one single, user-friendly source.

Who’s it for?

While the programs within the database were developed to help caregivers and their care recipients, the database itself is designed for decision makers in the healthcare and social services space to easily find proven programs. To date, over 15,000 users from the US, Canada, the UK, China, Japan and other countries have used the database. They include:

  • Social service providers such as community-based clinics and non-profits serving those with dementia and their caregivers.
  • Health care organizations and systems, including health care providers, medical centers, dementia disease centers and IHI-recognized systems.
  • Funders of health care and community-based organizations with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
  • National policy and advocacy organizations serving seniors and others affected by dementia.
  • Other professionals and organizations serving in the fields of aging, caregiving and dementia.

Top 5 reasons to use Best Programs for Caregiving

  1. It contains the top dementia caregiving programs – all in one place. BPC is your single source of detailed information on 44 evidence-based, proven programs.
  2. Programs have been rigorously vetted by experts in the aging and caregiving fields. Programs must meet strict criteria for inclusion and have published research supporting positive outcomes.
  3. Programs are ready to replicate. All programs can be adopted and implemented; most have training and marketing manuals available.
  4. BPC contains programs that can be delivered remotely. During COVID, these programs can help organizations safely continue meeting caregivers’ needs.
  5. It’s free and easy-to-use. No login or account needed – BPC can be accessed right away on any web browser.

Additional benefits

  • Comparison function allows you to compare up to three programs at a time by feature.
  • Programs in 18 languages help address needs in diverse communities.
  • Feasibility and implementation/training requirements are easily viewed.

What’s next for Best Programs for Caregiving?

As BPC passes the 1-year mark, the BPC team looks ahead to further building the database for sustained growth over the long term. This includes updating the website for enhanced functionality, as well as adding new programs as they are established in the field or that address current gaps.

Learn more

Go to www.bpc.caregiver.org to explore the site and find and compare programs. Here’s a quick primer on how to use the database. Also be sure to sign up for the BPC newsletter, which features news and updates on the database as well as new program additions. And last but not least – please share with your colleagues and peers who serve caregivers!

Best Programs for Caregiving is a product of the collaboration among three leading organizations in the field of aging and caregiving: Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, Center for Research & Education; Family Caregiver Alliance: National Center on Caregiving; and The Gerontological Society of America. Funding for the project has been provided by The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Archstone Foundation and RRF Foundation for Aging.