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Proud to Advocate for LGBTQ+ Caregivers

June 22, 2020

For more than 40 years, Family Caregiver Alliance has worked to improve the lives of caregivers and those in their care.

As the world celebrates Pride Month and this year’s theme Generations of Hope, we’re proud to continue advocating for LGBTQ+ caregivers, whom we support through partnerships with LGBTQ+-focused organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally, as well through care planning with trained staff and through expert-led classes, webinars and support groups.

According to the most recent NAC/AARP Caregiving in the US 2020  report:

  • the typical LGBTQ+ caregiver is young (42.4 years old) and unmarried
  • LGBTQ+ caregivers are most often caring for a parent or grandparent 
  • more LGBTQ+ caregivers are in a high-intensity caregiving situation than non-LGBTQ+ caregivers
  • LGBTQ+ caregivers more often report being in fair or poor health than non-LGBTQ+ caregivers

We understand that the challenges facing LGBTQ+ caregivers are unique, and we continually work to understand these needs and address them through the services we offer. 

If you’re an LGBTQ+ caregiver seeking resources, please see our fact sheets:

Please consider joining two upcoming free events:

  • Increasing Access to Dementia Capable Care for the LGBTQ+ Community: How to Support LGBTQ+ Persons with Dementia and Their Care Partners.

    June 23. Register here >> link
  • Gen Silent Film Screening and Discussion. June 30. Register here >> link

There are many organizations in the SF Bay Area and across the country that provide support and community to LGBTQ+ caregivers and older adults. They can be a great resource for services and programs so consider learning more and supporting them:

We’re happy to join in Pride Month celebrations, honoring the generations of LGBTQ+ individuals who have fought for change, and to continue supporting LGBTQ+ caregivers.