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Spanish-speaking Caregiver’s Retreat

In the early part of last month, FCA hosted a special retreat in San Francisco’s historical Stern Grove for Spanish-speaking caregivers. Typically, FCA’s retreats are in English, but we wanted to plan a special day for our caregiver clients that only speak Spanish.

We started the day with a segment on managing caregiver stress that was led by Elaine Williams, a holistic health and fitness coach. After that we had Barbara Moran lead a chair yoga segment with the caregivers. Barbara is committed to making these techniques for controlling stress more accessible for the Spanish-speaking community in the Bay Area. The closing segment was led by Sonia Cajade Frias, a Spanish Anthropologist and Social Artist at UC Berkeley, who guided the caregivers through a collage activity.

The caregivers were so grateful to connect with other Spanish-speaking caregivers in the community and to have a chance to take a day for them. Throughout the retreat we learned of their personal caregiving journeys and how many of them had not been able to go out like this in a while. As the Education Coordinator at FCA, this retreat was a pleasure to plan and especially to see how meaningful it was for the caregivers who attended. To view the photos from this event, please visit one of our Pinterest boards, FCA Staff Photos and Caregiving Events.

AJ Dugay

Education Coordinator, FCA