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Women’s Policy Summit: Advancing Women’s Health, Wealth & Power

Family Caregiver Alliance is pleased to be a co-sponsor of The Women’s Policy Summit, scheduled for January 17, 2013, at the Sacramento Convention Center that will bring advocates and other California leaders together in a multi-issue policy forum to present their priority recommendations to improve the health and well-being of women and girls in California.

The Summit is “more than a conference.”   It not only educates, it also sets the stage to advocate, with scores of leaders releasing proposals for policy and programs.  Caregiving issues need to be represented and we hope that family members and programs that support caregivers will attend, get educated and let their voices be heard.

And the issues could not be more important to caregiving families:  health care reform, mental health, aging, health disparities and gender, paid sick days and paid family leave, getting more women appointed to corporate boards, getting more women elected as public officials, and more.  The conference is hosted by the California Center for Research and Women and Families and is Co-Sponsored by over 60 legislative and state organizations representing women’s issues.

For more information and to register for the conference, go to www.ccrwf.org