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Technology-Enabled Services to Support Caregivers of Older Adults with Depression

Do you support someone over the age of 65?

Researchers at Northwestern University, Northwestern Medicine, and the University of California, Irvine are conducting a research study to understand how Amazon Alexa can be used in the future to help individuals who support older adults improve their mood and feel less stressed.
The study may be a good fit for individuals who:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are fluent in English
  • Provide emotional, physical, and/or other task-related support to someone aged 65 or older who has felt down, hopeless or depressed within the past year

They must also be willing to invite the older adult they support to participate.

What does study participation involve?

Participants will be guided through the process of using Amazon Alexa to test a new service for mood management. The participant and a support person will use this service to help with goal setting, reminders, and various other services. Participants will be asked to complete surveys and assessments over a 12-week period about their experiences during their study. Participants will be compensated for each survey they complete and may receive up to $155 for their participation. Amazon Alexa will be provided to participants to use during the study and keep afterwards.

For more information, visit https://cbitshealth.northwestern.edu/tech-older-adults-caregivers/; call (855) 682-2487 ; or email ehealth@northwestern.edu
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Investigators: Allison Carroll, PhD, David Mohr, PhD, and Sara Bradley, MD
This study has been approved by the Northwestern University IRB STU00211894