Graduate Research Registry

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Do You Care For?

    Family member or relative
    Diagnosed with Dementia
    At least 60 years or older
    Reside in Care Center in the U.S.

What to Expect?

    Each may take 10-15 minutes
    Voluntary & confidential

Who Can Participate?

The Mental Health Needs of Co-Resident Dementia Offspring Caregivers: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

A Ph.D. student in the Department of Counselor Education and Family Studies, School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty University, is conducting research to better understand the mental health needs experienced by co-resident offspring caregivers of a parent with dementia.

You qualify for this study if you are 18 years of age or older and meet the following criteria: female, caring for your mother who has Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia, live with her, and you have at least one living sibling who is capable of participating in caregiving.  

Stress reduction for the dementia care partner: The role of companion animals

Hello, I am a graduate student in Gerontology at California State University, Long Beach. I am studying the association between the level of companion animal attachment felt by a care partner and their perceived stress related to being an informal caregiver for someone with dementia.

If you are an informal caregiver for someone with dementia and have a pet (dog, cat, or other), you are invited to participate in this research. This study takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and is done entirely online.

Predictors of stress in caregivers of family members with multiple sclerosis

My name is Lucy Lubinski and I am a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. You are invited to participate in a study for those who care for a family member with multiple sclerosis (MS). The study’s purpose is to understand what may add to stress in people who care for a family member who has MS. You must meet some conditions to enter the study. All of your answers will be kept confidential. Your answers will not be connected to any of your personal information. You can also end your participation from the study at any time.