Graduate Research Registry

If you don't see any listings below, then we are currently not posting any current graduate studies related to caregiving. Check back soon. If you want to post your own graduate study, read about how to submit a listing on the main Research Registry page.

The lived experience of hope among male caregivers during end of life care: a phenomenological study

Male caregivers over the age of 18 caring for a person with terminal illness are invited to interview in a research study about hope.  The researcher, Susan Brooks, is a doctoral learner at Capella University in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

If you participate in this study you will interview with the researcher for as long as 45 minutes to an hour.  Interviews will be audio recorded with no personal information collected.  

Relationships and Anticipatory Grief Levels among Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers

If you are a primary caregiver of a person with Alzheimer's Disease between the ages of 18 and 85, you are invited to be part of a research study to learn about familial relationships and caregiver strain, and about the relationship between satisfaction with support services and caregiver strain.   The researcher, Tirizia York, is a doctoral learner at Capella University in the School of Public Service Leadership.