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Relationship of Stroke Caregiver Mutuality and Preparedness for Caregiving to Caregiver Role Adjustment

My name is Beverly Kass MSN, RN and I am a doctoral student at William Paterson University’s Department of Nursing. As part of the requirements for my doctoral project, I am conducting a nursing research study. The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the families or friends who provide care to stroke survivors who are living in the community setting. Stroke and stroke caregiving are of particular interest to me because stroke has affected the lives of many of my patients and their caregivers.

I hate/love it when people say____: research project on public perception of caregivers

When people hear that you are a caregiver, what do they tell you? In this project, we are exploring how people in the general population view caregivers.

If you participate in this study, you will first list statements that you frequently hear from non-caregivers. You will then rate the helpfulness of different comments, and report what comment would be most and least helpful to hear.

In a separate study, we will ask non-caregivers to report what they would say, and what they think will be most helpful.

The study will take 10 minutes.