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Investigating general psychological well-being in primary caregivers of patients with Major Depressive Disorder

My name is Udara Jayawardena and I’m conducting a research on the “Psychological well-being in primary caregivers of patients with Major Depressive Disorder”.  The mental well-being of the caregiver population is something that is not paid much attention to compared to the patient. Therefore, I believe the findings of this research would lead in useful interventions to help caregivers to cope better. Only a limited number of research has been conducted with regard to this aspect.

Caregiver to Ill, Wounded or Disabled Veterans

This study is being conducted by Ludwig Marcello Martinez, M.A. under the direction of Jesse Owen, Ph.D. Department Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology, University of Denver. Mr. Martinez is a doctoral student of Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver and the data collected in this study will be utilized in his doctoral dissertation.