Professional Research Registry

Former Dementia Caregivers Are Needed to Complete an Online Survey

Former caregivers of people with dementia are needed to participate in a research study that will explore the emotional health of caregivers after caregiving ends. Participants will complete one online survey that will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Participants must:

a) be 18 years or older

b) be a former caregiver of a person with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia

c) have provided informal, unpaid care (such as assistance with personal care, managing of finances or medical care, housekeeping, or meal preparation) for at least 6 consecutive months

A Study of In-Home Technology for Dementia Caregivers

UC Berkeley researchers are evaluating an in-home technology system designed to reduce worry and loneliness of dementia caregivers. Eligible caregivers must enroll by October 2019, live in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County or the Bay Area, live with a person diagnosed with dementia, be fluent/literate in English, own an iPhone, and have in-home wireless internet.

Family Caregivers’ Journeys, Social and Community Support

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Ideation Lab is currently conducting research to understand the journey of family caregivers and investigate the social and community support practices of carers. This research may help technologists and policy makers become aware of the unique socializing practices of family caregivers and how this understanding resents new opportunities for new designs and policy changes.

Miro Health Research Studies: (

Miro Health is currently conducting research to improve our understanding of the ability of interactive mobile activities to monitor brain function. This research may help physicians and scientists reliably characterize and monitor motor, language, and cognitive changes in neurologic and psychiatric disorders. This research may also help us gain a better understanding of what is happening to the brain over time, and it may contribute to the development of early detection methods.

Alzheimer's Clinical Trial opportunities - Preventive and medications for mild to severe

Miami Dade Medical Research Institute is currently doing Clinical Trials for people that suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. Clinical Trials offer the opportunity for new treatments and medications with the sole purpose of creating a healthier future. Our programs are for people from 60 to 85 years of age with early to mild AD diagnosis, as well as healthy people from 60 to 75 years with a family history of AD, that are interested in preventing the disease from developing.

If you are interested, give us a call at 305-722-7210.