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Alive! Art and Alzheimer’s

Alive! Art and Alzheimer’s is a collaborative project between a professional artist and Senior Access Adult Day Care Program. It engages program participants in expressive art activities.


Senior Access Adult Day Care Program

Non profit Adult Day Care Program supports older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and their families through social, physical, cultural and educational activities.


San Rafael, CA

How does it work?

A professional artist, trained in working with persons with brain injuries and dementia, works individually with each participant to create a painting accompanied by a short narrative in the participant’s own words. The resulting artwork and narratives are presented in public exhibition along with portraits of the participant-artists. The program aims to enhance participants’ ability to communicate through creative processes and provide a lasting gift for the participants’ families.

Why is it successful?

Participants of this program enjoy stimulating and purposeful activities. The activities produce visible positive changes in participants’ anxiety level and ability to communicate at both the early and the more advanced stages of dementia.

For more information: www.senioraccess.org