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Camp for Caring (FCA)

Camp for caring is a weekend retreat for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease or a related disorder.


Family Caregiver Alliance

Over thirty years ago, Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) was the first community-based nonprofit organization to systematically address the needs of families providing long- term care at home. As the lead agency in the California Caregiver Resource Center system, FCA developed the statewide service system protocols, data collection and standards of practice as a consultant to the Department of Mental Health. Currently FCA operates direct caregiver support services in the San Francisco Bay Area and operates a national call center for family caregivers. The National Center on Caregiving provides technical assistance to policy makers and program developers, operates the Clearinghouse of programs and policy issues, conducts policy research and advocates on behalf of caregiving families.


San Francisco, CA

How does it work?

Caregivers of adults with cognitive impairments are given the opportunity to have 48 hours of respite while their loved one enjoys a two night stay with trained staff and volunteers in a non-institutional, scenic bay area setting. Persons who are frail, incontinent, non-communicative or non-ambulatory are welcome to participate.

Why is it successful?

Post-program evaluations have shown an overall favorable response to the program and appreciation for the opportunity to have respite.

For more information: www.caregiver.org