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Families with Aging Parents: Difficult Conversations just got Easier!

How to Work Together as Parents Age

Being a family caregiver is a difficult job. And when it involves an older parent, caregiving often includes the entire family. This webinar covers the basics of conducting a family meeting and how to address the challenges and disputes that can arise during the care of an older family member.

Participants will learn:

  • The questions to ask that are proven to increase understanding
  • To identify barriers to productive conversation and how to overcome them
  • About resources related to informed decision-making
  • How to include an Elder’s voice, if they cannot or do not want to fully participate


Nicole Lance is a Family and Elder Mediator, having completed the coursework and training recommended by the Association of Conflict Resolution (ACR). She is widely recognized as the nation’s premier professional elder mediation association. She is also a certified Senior Advisor, knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of topics relevant to aging adults and their families. In addition, Nicole is a JD. Before becoming a Family and Elder Mediator and Senior Advisor, Nicole practiced business law, including mediation, for 15 years.

In addition to her Family and Elder Mediation practice, Nicole currently chairs an ACR task force, which is exploring a joint venture with Stanford University’s Center on Advanced Decision Making in Aging to study the benefits of elder mediation in helping address the needs of adult families. For more information please visit mediateforward.com


Tuesday, November 3, 2020