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Genuine Resilience is Closer (and Easier) Than You May Think

Resilience, or the ability to rebound from difficult or traumatic experiences, is the key to well-being. In the context of family caregiving, developing emotional skills for coping with stress is essential for long-term sustainability and quality care. The statistics on the harmful impacts of family caregiving are sobering, yet there are ways to maintain health and well-being. Zen Caregiving Project has developed a training that teaches practices that support emotional resilience and the healthy processing of stress. This webinar will introduce you to the key areas essential for coping with stress and provide simple practices you can integrate into your caregiving to build resilience.

Topics for the webinar include how to develop a mindfulness practice in a busy life, ways to use self-compassion when feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, and simple practices for maintaining healthy boundaries. This will be an interactive experience that will provide tools for developing a greater sense of peace and well-being. Time will be provided for questions and answers.

– Introduce the relationship between mindfulness, emotional skills and wellbeing in caregivers.
– Lead a short, guided meditation and provide ways to maintain a simple mindfulness practice in one’s busy life.
– Offer 3 to 4 simple activities that family caregivers can integrate into their lives to build compassion, resilience and better cope with stressful situations.

Roy Remer is the Executive Director at Zen Caregiving Project (formerly Zen Hospice Project) in San Francisco, CA. He has been an end-of-life caregiver and educator since 1997. He is the guiding instructor of Mindful Caregiving Education and is a facilitator of Open Death Conversations; speaking and teaching internationally on the topics of mindful caregiving and end-of-life. Roy guides wilderness-based rites of passage programs in partnership with EarthWaysLLC of Sebastopol, CA and is a student of Soto Zen.

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