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Geriatric care management for low-income seniors

Geriatric care management for low-income seniors

Citation Counsell, S. R. et al. (2007). Geriatric care management for low income seniors. The Journal of the American Medical Society, 298(22), 2623-2633.

Design Randomized controlled trial

Purpose The purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness of a geriatric care management model on improving the quality of care for low-income seniors in primary care.

Participants The participants of this study were n=474 patients who participated in the intervention and n= 477 who were in the controll group.

Outcome / Dependent Variables The outcome measures were the medical outcomes 36-Item Short-Form (SF-36) scales and summary measures; instrumental and basic activities of daily living (ADLs); and emergency department (ED) visits not resulting in hospitalization.

Outcomes Data indicated significant improvements for intervention patients compared with usual care at 24 months in 4 of 8 SF-36 Scales.

Author Counsell, S. R. et al.