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KNOW Stroke — how acting FAST can save your life

In the US, every 3.5 seconds, someone dies of a stroke. What can be done to minimize that risk? This webinar includes facts about stroke prevention, who is especially at risk, how to recognize a stroke and act FAST, and the treatment options available including thrombolytic therapy, endovascular therapy and rehabilitative care.


Irina Rebello has been a Neuroscience Program Manager at Mercy San Juan Medical Center, a Comprehensive Stroke Program, since 2015 and is a volunteer for the American Stroke Association. She has been a registered nurse for over 22 years and holds a Masters of Science in Nursing Leadership. She is passionate about providing access to stroke care and is a frequent speaker and facilitator of community events.

This webinar is funded by Alameda County Department of Adult and Aging Services, Contra Costa County Area Agency on Aging, the City of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services, San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services, and the California Department of Health Care Services