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Know Your Medicare Rights and Exercise Them: How Livanta Can Advocate For You

Medicare is the federal health insurance program primarily for individuals who are 65 or older. This program includes many rights and free services that not all beneficiaries understand. Learning about these rights can help you to advocate for yourself during hospital stays, and communicate more effectively with your care providers. Livanta is a Medicare-contracted Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) that provides help, support and resources for Medicare beneficiaries. A Quality Improvement Organization can help if you need to file an appeal regarding your discharge, have complaints about the quality of care received, or need an advocate to help you obtain the services you’ll need following discharge. This webinar discusses the many services and resources available at no charge to Medicare beneficiaries.


  • Learn about no-cost support, advocacy, and assistance after a hospital discharge.
  • Understand how a Quality Improvement Organization ensures patient rights are respected, and advocates for the best quality of care.
  • Find ways to get healthcare assistance when you need it, and how to file an appeal if you do not agree with discharge.
  • Learn how to file a complaint about the services provided during hospitalization, and how a Quality Improvement Organization can investigate your complaint.
  • How you can use Livanta’s “Immediate Advocacy” program to resolve any problems you anticipate after you are discharged.