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Long-Term Care in California: What Is It and Who Pays for It? (webinar)

Long-term care can mean very different things to different people and matching the right level of service to the recipients is often unreasonably difficult. This webinar examines the various levels and settings for long-term care, including some of the important rules and interesting issues involved. In addition, it focused on payment options and how care recipients can identify good providers and maximize their care coverage while minimizing their expense.

1) List the major points on the long-term care continuum.
2) Identify the factors that differentiate good long-term care providers from bad long-term care providers.
3) Assess government benefit and private payment options for long-term care.

Tony Chicotel is from Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Law and the University of California School of Public Policy. For the first three years of his practice, he worked in Las Vegas representing people in mental health facilities. After moving to San Diego, Tony spent six years as a staff attorney for a program providing free legal services to San Diego County residents aged 60 and older. His primary role was as the lead attorney for the agency’s Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project. For the past 13 years, Tony has worked as a staff attorney for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform in San Francisco and has taught elder law and policy courses in various Bay Area universities. He has written a number of publications regarding the rights of long-term care consumers, conservatorships, and health care decision making. In 2006, Tony was awarded a California Lawyer Magazine “Attorney of the Year” Award for his work in elder law and in nursing homes.