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Montessori-based Activity Program

The Montessori Program at Family and Children’s Services’ Adult Day Services at West End Place studies the impact of using the Montessori Method with adults with mild to moderate dementia.


Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland, Inc.

Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland, Inc, a non profit organization, provides targeted services to families and individuals in all stages of life who are experiencing problems related to social and personal adjustment. The agency focuses its services on seven key issues affecting families: single parenthood, parent-child problems, marital conflict, teen pregnancy/parenting, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and elder care.


Baltimore, MD

How does it work?

A Montessori-based activity program is implemented and changes are tracked in participants’ behaviors of agitation, apathy, irritability, and depression. The program also measures the ability of participants to eat independently and the caregivers’ experience over a six-month period. A Caregiver support program is offered concurrently to educate caregivers about ways to use Montessori Methods at home.

Why is it successful?

Evaluation at baseline and at 6 months showed positive effects of the activity program on participants’ symptoms and behaviors. Another important finding was that a majority of caregivers of the program participants reported that their quality of life improved or had not diminished.

For more information: www.fcsmd.org