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Selected Caregiver Assessment Measures: A Resource Inventory for Practitioners (2012)

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Brief: Families provide the majority of care and support for the millions of adults in need of assistance. Likewise, the number of family caregivers is steadily increasing with many family caregivers having multiple, varied, and serious unmet financial, physical, emotional, and social needs. In order to continue providing care, family caregivers need assistance and support so that their physical and mental health needs are met rather than compromised. A systematic and well-designed assessment can help identify a caregiver’s needs and strengths and, in turn, contribute to a plan of care that ensures the well-being of both the caregiver and care recipient.

As health care continues to move into home setting, it is important to assess not only the knowledge, skills and capacity of the caregiver to provide care but also to address caregiver well-being and health in order to prevent more serious health problems for families in the long-term.

This 2nd Edition of ‘Selected Caregiver Assessment Measures’ brings a number of changes to measures inventoried in 2002 (the first edition of the inventory), as well as new measures which have been added; gaps have been noted in the Future Directions section.