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Younger Adult Family Caregivers: A Discussion with Aisha Adkins and Jenn Chan

Over a quarter of all family caregivers are Millennials or Gen Z, often facing unique challenges from those providing care later in their life. Managing careers, maintaining friendships and relationships, and planning for their own futures and families add to the stresses and difficulties of caregiving. Join FCA for a discussion and conversation with Millennial caregivers Aisha Adkins, Co-Executive Director of Love Labor Project, and Jenn Chan, founder and CEO of Senior Shower Project. Aisha and Jenn will share their experiences as current and former caregivers (respectively), discuss the obstacles they face, and explain how they cope during their caregiving journeys.

About the speakers:
Aisha Adkins, MPA, CNP is the Constituency Organizer for Caring Across Generations, Co-Executive Director of Love Labor Project, and a full-time caregiver to her parents. She is a storyteller and advocate who is passionate about building an equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive public health and care infrastructure using media, storytelling, and culture and policy change. Her versatility has enabled her to publish works both in academic journals and popular publications. When she not trying to affect positive systemic change, she enjoys classic film, orchestral music, and the great outdoors, and is an aspiring tea connoisseur.

Jenn Chan is the Founder of Senior Shower® Project, a startup with a mission to celebrate family caregivers of older adults with a party. She sells caregiver greeting cards, creates senior shower party kits, curates caregiver gift boxes, and hosts virtual caregiver dance parties. Inspired by caregiving for her grandma, Jenn dedicates her career to elevate the family caregiver role with fun, love, and positivity. Jenn also facilitates support groups for LGBTQ+ seniors, dementia caregivers, and young caregivers.