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Transportation Services

D.C. offers the following transportation options to help residents who are elderly or disabled get around the community:

Medical Transportation Management (MTM)

Medical Transportation Management provides non-emergency transportation to eligible Medicaid beneficiaries that have appointments with Medicaid providers. To use this service, Medicaid beneficiaries must make their transportation service request by contacting MTM 72 hours (three days) before their scheduled appointment. You may call them at (866) 796-0601 or (202) 263-4640.


Many people who live with a disability can get around the Washington DC metropolitan area with the help of MetroAccess. MetroAccess provides door-to door service. You must apply and call MetroAccess seven days in advance to make a reservation. The cost for each trip begins at $2.50 unless you have a free trip card from MetroAccess. To apply, call (301) 562-5360 (TYY users call (301) 588-7535).

Washington Elderly and Handicapped Transportation Services (WEHTS)

The DCOA/ADRC provides basic transportation for seniors who cannot access traditional transportation during the weekdays. Arrangements are made to transport elderly persons to essential medical appointments, dialysis treatment, appointments with public benefits agencies (Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security, and banking institutions, etc). To learn more, call the ADRC at (202) 724-5626.

Call ‘N’ Ride Transportation Program

This service provides a discount door-to-door taxicab transportation service for residents age 60 and over. Payment is done through coupons, which seniors may use for any transportation purpose. The amount of the discount provided by the coupons is based on a sliding fee scale. To learn about this program, call the ADRC at (202) 724-5626.

If you do not qualify for any of these programs and have difficulty finding transportation, please call the ADRC at (202) 724-5626 to inquire about other alternatives.