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Complete Change of Life

I started caring for my 96-year-old grandmother in 2014. Since then my life has changed completely. At first I was overwhelmed with the task of caring for her: depression set in, my heath started to deteriorate. My grandmother has no mental health issues, but I’m the only one caring for her. I have no help at all. What I found I had to do was place more trust in Christ to give me the strength and wisdom to handle this walk in my life. My grandmother has helped rear me and I wanted to give back in caring for her the way she cared for me, but I did not know my life at the age of 47 would take a big turn. As I continue to care for her it gets easier, less mental/physical stress. I do know that it’s part of my walk in life. My grandmother is very spiritual and a prayer warrior and I know I’m getting through this because I’m covered by prayer and I’m shown new mercies daily. The road still gets rough at times but God continues to cover me.

No in-home care is affordable, respite is not affordable and I have no extra income coming into the home. She has to have certain foods because of her not having teeth, and her digestive system, and just because of her old age. I continue to care for her regardless of what comes. I would not have it no other way. Her one son sits with her while I’m at work and her other two children (my mother) and aunt are not the best of help to pull and tug with bathing and feeding. A home is not an option for her or my mother. I was told respite care is costly. So with the grace of God, my faith, my belief, much prayer, I have been holding on and caring for her to the best of my ability. Looking for a support group to help me, financial services to help but if not, God has been making a way.

To all the families in a similar situation I encourage you to seek help. Set time for yourself (something I don’t get to do) and care for yourself, because if you are not healthy how can you care for someone else.

My pastor’s wife has been a support because she understands (she took care of her mother). To God be the glory for the things he has done, will do, and continues to do. I’m walking in the path that’s chosen for me so I’m embracing it to the best. Faith, trust filled with God’s grace and mercy, I have been able to care for her.