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Hidden Beauty

Becoming a paid caregiver again after so many years helped me to realize that my “calling” is to help others who cannot help themselves. I got employed at a facility that housed five residents. The grounds were magnificent. A pool and redwoods surrounding property. Each step you take is of beauty and calmness.

Each unique resident/person was loving, caring, and adorable. I became close to these angels, some of them so fast you would’ve assumed I was employed for years.

Working 15 hours a day can be strenuous, but well worth it. I worked from 7:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. as well as waking up periodically to check on residents. Yes, I became tired, but my main concerns were always of the residents.

The pay was not conducive to my long hours. I mentioned this to my employer, only to be shut down immediately. I stayed for the residents, my angels.

Well, one day my employer decided he wanted me to dispense meds to the residents. I mentioned that I haven’t got certified yet, so I couldn’t. A week later I was let go. I cannot even tell you how devastated I am! I left the facility in tears, because I felt as if I was leaving a loved one.

Today, I am telling this story to bring about the untold story of deception that can happen in the most beautiful, serene locations. Ask each owner about the care your loved one receives. Look for verifications of all staffing credentials as well as what training was received. Remember, your loved one stays under the care of those you trust, while you leave. Question everything.