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Honor of My Life

My story began in August 2011 when my wife suddenly started accusing me of having another family. I knew this was not Parkinson’s any more. For the next five years there were ER visits, police involvement, and SNF stays for a total of over 1,000 days.

Finally on December 18, 2016, my wife Maria was put in hospice and left this world January 8, 2017.

During our ordeal I was witness to what true bravery was. No matter what happened my wife would always fight back. I am a 20-year Navy veteran and have known heroes. However for me Maria will always be my hero. If it was me I don’t think I could have fought as long as she did.

Lewy Body Dementia wasn’t diagnosed until six months before she passed and many doctors gave her the wrong meds over the years. It is very important for anyone out there who has a loved one with LBD to be the representative for your loved one and make sure the meds are correct.

Through all the delusions, hallucinations, and cognitive problems my wife had to deal with I am so proud to have been her husband for over 38 years. It was hard with lack of sleep and all the stresses that came with this disease to keep pushing on. But watching my wife fight it as she did I wasn’t going to quit.

My life’s mission now is to get LBD as well known as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s so medical professionals will be able to diagnose this sooner. God Bless anyone out there who is currently going through this journey and treasure every minute you have with your loved one.

Thank you.