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I Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff

I became a cargiver shortly after my divorce. I had quit my job in an attempt to salvage my marriage . . . not the best thing to do.

I moved in with my parents to assist them and I had a place to stay. Then 3 weeks later my dad required a triple bypass. This became a full time job with his recovery, and since he has Parkinson’s disease, it was even more difficult.

My mother did her best, but she rarely visited. I hate to say it, but my mother does not handle stress nor caring for my father all that well, so that fell to me. My mother simply admits she feels bad for my dad, but has no patience; what do you do with that response?

I wish I could say I found this rewarding but that is not the case. Both of my parents have major health issues, and when on Medicare you are very limited as to the help you can get. And I wish I had more room.

So what do I do? I honestly believe I could write a book as to what to do and what not to do. I do not sweat the small stuff. I make sure they have food to eat, clean clothes, and a maintained home. You simply you do the best you can for both of them.