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I Lost My Job But I Cannot Leave Him to Get Another

My husband and I were watching a movie, sitting on couch on a Saturday night. He said he was tired as I got up and went to the kitchen. Then he said “I have a tremendous headache,” then held his hand on the left side of his face, saying “my face feels numb, funny” . . . then his head fell back. I tried to talk to him. He was screaming “Oh no!” I called 911.

He’d had a brain stem stroke, and the emergency room doctor said he might not ever wake up. I started reading the Bible to him and he moved his legs. Each day he got better; he opened eyes and I was never so happy in my life.

He’s at home now, and I am his caregiver. He walks with a walker a little bit, but still his left side is paralyzed. I just pray each day he will walk through that door the tall, handsome man he was, once again! My heart breaks to see him in a wheelchair and we cry together a lot. I lost my job but I cannot leave him to get another. I do know that I need financial assistance, and for God to help me.