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A job at $8 or $9 hourly without benefits

I have been working as a nurses aide and patient care assistant for aver 30 years, in various healthcare agencies, and nursing homes. I always tried my best to make my patients happy, by giving them best care. I did it as a mission because I like to help people. I know that it’s the last love and care that they are receiving; most of them do not have anyone left in their family. I took care of them the same way I would do for my parents.

So after working so hard for so many years I end up by getting several herniated discs in my lower back, osteopenia in my two hips, and arthritis in my neck and my two knees. I was obliged to stop working in 2006 to go to disability. My husband also is retired, age 71 years. So I receive $450 monthly and $140 in food stamps.

We have been paying our house tax and insurances every year on credit cards, this year the credit cards are book, and when we do not pay them on time, the mortgage company adds their own insurance company which double the price.  In that case the only thing I can do to save my house is to go back to fill applications in agencies even though I cannot lift those people anymore.  All of them used to be bigger then me and in better heath condition then me.

The agencies make me spend over $200 for in-services, CPR, and a background check. On top of all that, they demand all CNAs to get an insurance for malpractice to cover those rich patients for $3 million dollars before they give us a job at $8 or $9 hourly without benefits at all. I have been waiting for two months, they say that they are slow now.

So during my 30 years experience I know that I have helped many people in difficult times in their life, by giving to them tender loving care, even though I get disappointment in return.