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The Love of My Life

My story started in 2005 when I lost all feeling below my armpits. . . . They believe I threw a blood clot to my spine because of something in my clotting system.

My husband became my caregiver.

I was in the hospital and rehab for six months. While in rehab he went to classes to learn how to take care of me totally. He is wonderful man and over the last 10 years has dedicated himself to me.

Recently, though, the stress of my care and a physical problem landed him in the hospital. He was told that he had to talk to our children and ask for their help so he could do things for himself. They are helping and have been wonderful in taking care of him and me.

Caregivers have a unique job and I know this as I am nurse and have seen how much dedication and love they have personally and professionally.

To all caregivers I applaud you. . . .

Ask for help if you need it, Please. . . .

Take care of you too!!!!!

Thanks for reading my story.