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My Love

My love of 46 years took a turn starting this January. Congestive heart, failure hospitalization. Blindness from macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa progressing. March hospitalization due to extreme hallucinations due to depression drug. Very weak, legs have lost strength. Only use wheelchair to move him about now. Due to depression and sudden change in his life, has lost about 30 pounds. Wants to stay in bed and sleep. I believe it is ADULT FAILURE TO THRIVE. On bad days, refuses all prescription meds for heart. Anger and frustration are daily. Confusion is also an ongoing battle. I have an appointment and want to get him tested for EXCITED DELIRIUM. I am looking into respite care. Due to lack of eyesight, cannot tell day from night. Is up at all hours, ready for breakfast or to start his day. Dr. will not give sleeping aid, says Xanax is enough. Is not. I am losing sleep every night. I get up for every bathroom need; prevents sheet changes and mopping. Great neighbors and family have been helping with groceries and some errands.

Taking it a day at a time.