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Taking Care of “Old G”

I want everyone to know I took care of an elderly man that was considered to be an “Old G.” A name that gangsters use when they get older. I just want to tell my story because the love and appreciation that I got from this man was something words cannot express.

I met Cruz when I came out to California eight years ago. This man was living in a five bedroom house that a little old lady was renting to people that needed a place to live, and it helped her also because she was struggling to pay her bills also. She had family from New York, like myself from the East Coast area.

It took Cruz time to trust me, but I didn’t mind because I knew in my heart he was a good man. Time progressed and he lived with me in Whittier where I eventually moved with him. He developed dementia and I needed more help with him. I did the best I could because an “Old G” has a lot of pride. I had him in a daycare facility two days a week. I ended up losing my house after four years of trying to do the best I could.

Poor Cruz ended up in a nursing home. I went to go see him a few times and it broke my heart to leave knowing I couldn’t take him with me. This man was very special to me, he taught me how to appreciate the small things in life. I came from a very wealthy family and I was spoiled. Cruz made the little bit of money he got last him all month.

He was very nice to me and he helped me when I needed someone, because growing up I never got a chance to talk to my parents because I was raised by my grandparents and they worked and I was never given the love I wanted, only material things. He listened to me and never once judged me. Every first of the month when he got his check we would go to Denny’s and eat and I would just “spill my guts out” to him.

I wish I never lost my home, cause Cruz would still be there, but he is in a good place now being well taken care of and is given the proper care that I was unable to do. I haven’t seen him in over a year. A lot has changed for me, but as soon as I get things in order for myself I am going to visit him in the nursing home.

Just remember, those who are reading this story, be patient with the elderly. If you take on that responsibility it’s very time consuming and you have to care for that person because one day you, too, are going to be old. And if you are less fortunate to not have any family, be kind to them cause they turn into the babies when they get older. I will continue to take care of the elderly and appreciate the knowledge they have. God bless Them!!!