Where to Find My Important Papers

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Name: _________________________________________________
Social Security No.: _______________________________________
Spouse's/Partner's Name: ___________________________________
Social Security No.: _______________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Date Prepared: ___________________________________________
Copies Given to: __________________________________________


My valuable papers are stored in these locations
(address and where to look):
A: Residence
B: Safe Deposit Box ____________________________________
C: Other ______________________________________________



Item A B C

My will (original)


Power of attorney--healthcare


Power of attorney--finance


Spouse's/Partner's Will (original)


Safe combination


Trust agreement


Life insurance policy


Health insurance policy


Homeowners policy


Car insurance policy


Employment contracts


Partnership agreements


List of checking, saving accounts


List of credit cards


Retirement papers


Deferred compensation; IRA


Funeral arrangements


Titles and deeds


Notes (mortgages)


List of stored & loaned items


Auto ownership records


Birth certificate


Military/veterans papers


Marriage certificate


Children's birth certificates


Divorce/separation records






Important Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers

Emergency Contact: ________________________________________
Doctor(s): _______________________________________________
Clergy: __________________________________________________
Attorney: ________________________________________________
Accountant: ______________________________________________
Insurance Agent: __________________________________________

Reproduced with permission of Mountain Caregiver Resource Center/Janet Levy Center. Family Caregiver Alliance and Mountain CRC are part of a statewide system of regional resource centers serving families and caregivers of brain-impaired adults.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

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