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In Case You Missed It: Recent FCA Webinars, Fall 2022

October 17, 2022

October 2022

FCA hosted several wonderfully informative webinars over the last few months.

They covered the topics of managing caregiver stress, stroke prevention, driving skills for seniors, and improving family caregiving skills.

Read the descriptions of each below and check out the webinar recordings.

Managing Caregiver Stress

  • Caregiving responsibilities can cause a lot of stress. Jerry Fenter and Helen Bauer from The Heart of Hospice podcast talk about the benefits of streamlining caregiving tasks and how to create a “caregiving village”. They also share ways caregivers can reduce stress by caring for themselves – mind, body, and spirit.

KNOW Stroke — How Acting FAST Can Save Your Life

  • In the US, every 3.5 seconds, someone dies of a stroke. What can be done to minimize that risk? This webinar includes facts about stroke prevention, who is especially at risk, how to recognize a stroke and act FAST, and the treatment options available including thrombolytic therapy, endovascular therapy and rehabilitative care.

Senior Driving: Mobility Matters

  • This webinar introduces caregivers and professionals to the California DMV Senior Driver Ombudsman program. Listeners learn how this program addresses the unique concerns of senior drivers, keeping them on the road for as long as possible, while maintaining safety as the top priority.

Building Your Caregiver Toolkit: Supporting a Loved One With Depression

  • Join Families for Depression Awareness to learn what resources you need to build a robust caregiver toolkit.