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Infographic: 5 Steps to Hiring In-Home Help

August 11, 2022

Hiring in-home help can provide much needed respite for family caregivers. But what does it mean to have someone in your home “to help” you? Where do you begin to find someone? Can you afford it? What other issues do you need to consider?

Our newest infographic, “5 Steps to Hiring In-Home Help” offers tips to help guide you through the process of hiring help at home, including:

  • Hiring directly or through an agency
  • Funding that may help pay for in-home help
  • What to do if your care recipient doesn’t want help
  • And more.

“5 Steps to Hiring In-Home Help” is based on our popular fact sheet on the topic. It’s perfect for printing out and hanging on the fridge, sharing online, or sending to fellow family caregivers.

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