How to Refer Caregivers to Family Caregiver Alliance:

Social Service Providers Now Have an Easy Way to Share Caregiving Resources

For 41 years, we have been a trusted peer and partner of health care and community service providers in serving the family caregivers in our communities.

We offer free and low-cost services to caregivers of adults living with chronic health conditions, working to empower them, help relieve stress and anxiety, and tangibly improve their lives and those of their care recipients.

How we help caregivers

We provide robust resources, education and online information to caregivers nationwide through our website For caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area* we offer additional in-depth 1:1 support and services, including:

  • Assessment – A professional Family Consultant gathers information about the caregiver’s situation, including their physical and emotional health, capacity/functional level of care recipient, and access to resources & support systems. 
  • Care planning – We create a comprehensive action plan addressing the current and future needs of the family and care recipient, including expert information and interventions to improve family functioning.
  • High-quality education programs – Articles, webinars and other resources teach caregivers stress-reduction and wellness techniques, build their direct care skills, and educate them on chronic conditions and care planning.
  • Referrals – When appropriate, we make referrals to community programs such as adult day care, support groups, counseling, home care, legal/financial consultation and respite services.

Many of our resources are available in a variety of languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Tagalog.

All of our services are currently conducted virtually — our staff is available to meet with caregivers via phone or 2-way secure video conferencing.

Next steps

  1. Download our 1-pg provider referral form to connect caregivers to expert, personalized support services.
  2. Download our info sheet to pass on to clients so they can learn about us and our services.
  3. Let your patients and their caregivers know that free caregiver assistance is available.

Eligibility – FCA works with caregivers of individuals with adult-onset brain impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Huntington’s disease, TBI, HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder or brain tumor. Also eligible are caregivers of those aged 60 and older, regardless of diagnosis or income level in select Bay Area counties.

Program Funding – FCA is part of California’s statewide system of nonprofit Caregiver Resource Centers, funded through the Department of Health Care Services. FCA programs are funded by the Area Agencies on Aging in San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa, with additional funding provided by generous organizations and donors. FCA supports and assists caregivers of adults with chronic or disabling health conditions regardless of race, ancestry, national origin, creed, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, income or age.

* Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties