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For Seniors, People with Disabilities, and Attendants/Caregivers: Protecting ALL of Us During the COVID Pandemic and Beyond

In this webinar, we explore what people with disabilities and seniors who employ homecare attendants, and their attendants, are doing to stay safe and support one another during the Coronavirus crisis. This webinar also includes Hand in Hand’s general recommendations for best practices for hiring and employing personal care attendants.

Some of the questions we discuss are: ·

  • How are attendant employers protecting themselves and their workers in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic?
  • What challenges are attendant employers and workers facing during this time?
  • What sorts of mutual aid arrangements – formal and informal – can fill gaps in our LTSS system that are being further exposed by this public health crisis?
  • What rights and responsibilities come with employing home attendants?
  • How can you develop and maintain a positive and productive working relationship with the person or people you employ, now and in general?

We’ll discuss challenges and concerns, share perspectives on this relationship, and offer guidance on best practices during the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond.

Led by Hand in Hand and Senior and Disability Action staff and members with many years of employing for homecare and informed by the wisdom of our domestic worker partners.

Presentation Slides

For Seniors, People with Disabilities,and Attendants/Caregivers: Protecting ALL of Us During the COVID Pandemic & Beyond

對於老年人、殘疾人和護理人員/看護者:在冠狀病毒病[COVID]疫情期間及其他  保護我們所有人  手牽手  –  老年人和殘疾人行動

Para los ancianos, las personas con discapacidad y lo asistentes/cuidadores: Por la protección de TODOS nosotros Durante la pandemia de COVID y demás peligros ( Mano a Mano) Hand in Hand: Acción a favor de los descapacitados y la tercera eda

Para sa mga Nakatatanda, Taong May Kapansanan, at Mga Attendant/Caregiver: Pinoprotektahan Tayong LAHAT  Habang may COVID pandemic at Pagkatapos nito  

Для людей пенсионного возраста, инвалидов и обслуживающего персонала/ухаживающих лиц: Защита ВСЕХ нас : во время и после пандемии COVID Программа «Одна команда» (Hand in Hand) — Меры по защите людей пенсионного возраста и инвалидов

Dành cho Người Cao Niên, Người  Khuyết Tật, và Người Giúp Việc/Người Chăm Sóc: Bảo Vệ TẤT CẢ Chúng Ta Trong và Sau Đại Dịch COVID Cùng Chung Tay – Hành Động vì Người Cao Niên và Người Khuyết Tật